Drinker Unveil New Single "Fragment II"
Drinker, the recording project of singer-songwriter Aaron Mendelsohn and producer/composer Ariel Loh, have just unveiled their brand new single Fragment II, the second single from their upcoming debut album Fragments, which pushes their sound into new territories while embracing cinematic and electronic dance elements.

Aaron's smooth and soothing vocals were what drew me in towards this song and I am happy they did. The song is a beautiful piece of highly captivating electronic music. There's a dreamy atmosphere to the song that's simply hypnotic and I love that. This is a perfect track for those lazy weekends to come. Stream it below!

Speaking about the single they said,
How fleeting and elusive to feel fulfilled in such a strange world. When you search for it in another person and look at what you find, it never feels like what you expected, so you search for something new. You look inside, you think you find it, but when you come back out, it just fades into the noise around you.