Constanza Herrero Unveils "Packing Up" Video
Australian/Chilean singer-songwriter Constanza Herrero has just unveiled the official music video for her latest single Packing Up, an inspirational song about finding hope and move forward. It's an amalgamation of Pop elements with Latin music and a touch of Jazz.

I am really enjoying the feel-good vibe of the song and the music video, filmed in Chile, sure puts a smile on my face. The song is packed with lots of rhythms from cool guitar riffs, stunning horn sections and tribal-esque drums. Constanza's vocals are super sweet and soulful and just make the song shine. One of my favourite parts of the song is the bridge which adds an extra touch of energy to this already upbeat track. Watch the music video below!

Speaking about the song Constanza said,
In order to move forward you need to face your circumstances, otherwise you will only be running away. It’s not about forgetting your past, but learning from it. 
Through this song, Constanza wants to encourage others in whatever challenges they’re facing. The music video portrays different situations, from deciding to leave an abusive relationship to deal with the loss of someone you love.

As a songwriter, Constanza brings a unique fresh style to the music scene, a multicultural and influenced sound that separates her from other singer-songwriters.