Charles Fauna Unveils New Single "Something Human"
Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter, producer Charles Fauna has just unveiled his brand new single Something Human, taken from his upcoming Eulogy EP.

The song packs quite a lot of emotion and nostalgia over a super smooth and calming production packed with dreamy synths. There's an 80s pop vibe of the song that got me hooked after the very first listen. I love the way his vocals provide the song with a dream-like and ethereal vibe. The groovy guitar riffs stand out in this smooth production and give the song a cool edge. This is such a great song guys. It's perfect for those long road trips or those chillout weekends at home. Stream it below!

Speaking about the song Charles said,
'Something Human' is about letting go of love as an absolute. As a cure all for every problem. As as all that we need. It's a song about looking for something bigger. Some feeling, some greater connectedness that we are too preoccupied to experience because of how afraid we are of not having love in our lives. Something that binds us to systems of life, nature, and each other. I get flashes of this feeling, but I don't know what it is or how to describe it. The song is asking someone, anyone, for help in finding that elusive kind of connection.