æmma Unveils New Single "House of Hym"
Time for some powerful music! London-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, æmma has just unveiled her brand new single House of Hym.

What first drew me towards this song was her stunning vocals and then the song just blew me away. æmma's harmonies are out of this world and give the song an angelic/ethereal vibe that I love. The percussion provides the song with just the right amount of energy before those lush piano keys kick in and create an almost orchestral sound to this musical gem. æmma delivers here a song that will transport you to another world and is packed with dream-like atmospheres and haunting harmonies. Stream it below!

House of Hym is a song about leaving a destructive relationship; having anger and frustration at some kind of male Godhead; leaving an organised religion and finding strength and celebration in being feminine.

The idea of singing to Mother Nature and the wonder of creation inspired the lyrics ‘Little Lamb who made thee...' and so instead of singing praise to a male god figure, æmma sings to the feminine 'She'. Influenced by old English mythical and pagan influences alongside dance music and mixing up the idea of transcending and otherworldly music with more down to earth tribal tones.

æmma is the moniker of Emma Churchley,  a classically trained multi-instrumentalist and composer, born and raised on Dartmoor. She is set to bring her songs to life at a one-off headline show at Bush Hall in Shepherd’s Bush on October 24th, accompanied on grand piano by a string quartet, a female choir, driving beats and synths.