The Phat Lady Sings Drop New Single ‘Hey Boy’
British songwriting collective The Phat Lady Sings have just dropped their brand new single, Hey Boy, their first song this year. The song is a sun-drenched summer jam, very catchy and laid-back.

Loving those afro-beats, crafted by producer Nutty P, which give a tropical base for Bobbie Gordon's sweet and soulful vocals. Stream this catchy gem below!

Hey Boy was originally written for a huge pop star, considered by two, but then rejected by a major label, the group decided to re-record it and release themselves. Speaking about it The Phat Lady Sings said,
This song has been re-produced so many times we nearly gave up on it. Originally we wrote it to pitch to another artist, it was submitted to two and got rejected. In the end we loved the top line so much we took it back for ourselves to release under TPLS. Big up Bobbie on the vocals and Nutty P on the buttons.