California-based, Saudi-born singer-songwriter Tamtam has just premiered the official music video for her highly infectious new single Drive, a meditation on women’s​ ​liberation and gender equality. This single comes to celebrate the passing of new​ ​laws allowing women to drive for the first time in Saudi Arabia, where movie theaters​ ​just opened up to the public in April of this year—ending a 35 years ban— with the​ ​Marvel hit Black Panther.

The song has a catchy chorus and a laidback, feel-good vibe to it. The video was directed by Mackenzie Mccullough and you can watch it below!

Drive is a smooth pop song with a powerful message of celebrating women's empowerment and gender equality. Speaking about the song Tamtam said,
The song is a celebration. I​ ​want to stand up for this amazing positive change that’s happening in Saudi and in the​ ​world! I want my music to start a conversation​ ​about life, humanity, and love. I want to bridge a gap between the​ ​Middle East and the West so people can begin to see each other as one.