Smokepurpp & Jack Bruno Unveil New Single ‘Dvl on My Shoulder’
Miami-based rapper Smokepurpp and LA-based artist Jack Bruno have just unveiled their gorgeous new single called Dvl on My Shoulder, a highly infectious piece of Rap/Hip-Hop music.

Dvl on My Shoulder is super smooth and laid back with a very hypnotising beat! The ad lib rap and the trappy, chillout vibe of the track really got me hooked to this track. The chorus is very addictive and if you're into that Miami Trap sound then you'll love this release.

Smokepurpp, aka Omar Pineiro,  was  born in Chicago in 1997 but later relocated to Miami, Florida. He initially tried his hand at producing, wanting the fortune of a lucrative entertainment career but none of the attention of the limelight. After a few false starts under various monikers, Pineiro took to rapping over his own beats when no one else was interested in using them. Drawing on the influence of rappers he loved growing up, like Lil Wayne, Chief Keef, and Young Thug, he took the name Smokepurpp and started posting his tracks online while still in high school.

Around this time he forged friendships with other rappers such as Lil Pump, and eventually dropped out of school in his senior year when his music career began taking off. He got a record deal with Interscope subsidiary Alamo Records in 2017 and released his Deadstar mixtape in September of 2017. Bless Yo Trap, a joint project with Canadian hitmaker Murda Beatz, followed in 2018.

Before he began his solo project, Los Angeles-based Jack Bruno was put through a wringer of endless touring in previous bands, battling creative roadblocks, and picking up a few vices along the way. Now he wants to reflect unsparingly on his mistakes by writing songs of survival. Channeling his love of Gorillaz and British grime artists and engaging with the creative community he’s found in LA, Jack rediscovered the fun behind creating for himself.