Raccoon Lagoon Unveils New Single "Action Figure Kid"
Time for some DIY! Amsterdam-based Russian psych-rock artist Petya Bouianov, aka Raccoon Lagoon,  has unveiled the visuals for his latest single Action Figure Kid, out now via Outpost Records. The vintage look of the visuals (Where we see him hanging out with some friends) perfectly match the psychedelic vibe of this song. If you're into infectious beat, groovy guitar works with a laid-back, summery vibe then you'll love this release. Watch the video below!

The song's title and inspiration came after
a guitarist I saw at a concert of Australian band Bodega, my girlfriend said he looked like an action figure kid and the next day this song was made. It was a spontaneous jam and all tracks were done in a few takes. I figured the track had to be kept fairly simple so I did as little production work as possible apart from EQ'ing and gain staging.