Peter Jessy Unveils Debut Single "Play Pretend"
Canadian singer-songwriter Peter Jessy  has just unveiled his debut single Play Pretend, a powerful song about the feeling of having to pretend like everything is always ok in a society where people are judged off of their social media likes and followers.

On this smooth piece of indie-pop music Jessy draws from his own personal experience with mental illness, the LGBT community, and relationships in hopes that others take comfort in knowing they aren't alone. Quite a powerful message here and showcases his stunning songwriting abilities and makes the audience connect in a deep level with him.

The electronic production is simple because the main focus is the emotion he conveys through his smooth vocals and powerful lyrics. Stream it below!

I really liked this song guys. It is super relatable song in a society where all of us wear different masks and feel the need to portray a picture perfect life across all social media. But we all have to realise that we need to show our authentic selves even on the bad moments in life. We're all human and life is not a walk on the park, there are good and bad moments and it is ok to react accordingly. I actually believe that those people that show perfect lives on social media also deal with stress and other problems. A picture perfect life is not real.

Currently working on his debut EP, Jessy is focusing on developing his own indie-pop sound.