ORKID Unveils New Single "Obvious"
21-year-old Swedish singer ORKID, aka Matilda Melin, has just unveiled her brand new single Obvious, co-written by Lucas Nord. What a bop this is!!

Loving this song. It's a groovy piece of indie/electro-pop with a highly infectious hook and soulful vocals.  Watch its lyric video below!

Speaking about the song ORKID said: 
This song is about the harsh reality of relationships with people. There’s nothing worse than being around someone who makes you feel lonely. You want to see the good in them, but in the end you see them for who they really are. You can’t connect, and you keeping pushing shit up hill, but it’s not genuine from their side. It’s like it won’t even hurt for them to say goodbye and you’re hanging out for all the wrong reasons. So this is kind of a way of saying (to yourself mostly) - obviously we don’t fit. It’s pretty obvious right?