Canadian trio KROWNS have just unveiled their debut single High While the World Ends, out now. These guys sure know how to introduce their music to the world. The single is incredible addictive. Loving the gritty edge of the song which fuses both hip-hop and alt-rock with a highly infectious pop hook. If you're fans of artists like Twenty One Pilots then you'll love KROWNS. Check out the song below!

High While The World Ends was produced by Grammy-winning producer Stephen "Koz" Kozmeniuk, and speaking about it the guys said,
Our debut single, “High While The World Ends,” is about rising above what we can’t control, and finding a way to keep our heads up when it seems impossible.
Kyle McKearney (creator of the project) found his way to connect with people by writing songs about personal experiences. KROWNS came together sonically while working with Grammy award winning producer/writer, Stephen Kozmeniuk & power-house producer/writer, Todd Clark. It is the honesty and conviction in these stories that touch home by relating to our own life experiences. These stories allow people from all ends to empower themselves, live authentically and be triumphant in their own way.