JP Cooper Unveils New Single "All This Love " ft. Mali Koa

JP Cooper Unveils New Single "All This Love " ft. Mali Koa
Critically acclaimed UK singer and songwriter JP Cooper has just unveiled his brand new single, All This Love, featuring Mali Koa and out now via Republic Records.

I am absolutely in love with his raspy, emotional vocals and this song is pure gold! Mali Koa's smooth vocals fit perfectly with his and there's a retro vibe of this Contemporary R&B track that just got me hooked. The song is simply super addictive and I keep playing it over and over again!

To accompany the release JP dropped the Day of the Dead-inspired animated music video that drawns inspiration from Tim Burton's classics and Disney's Coco. Watch it below!

Speaking about the song and video JP said,
When thinking about this track, I was massively inspired by Tim Burton and the new animated movie Coco. When we recorded it, we used quite a lot of ghoulish sounds, the BV’s, and little sound effects especially. Even the staccato piano on the last chorus sounds like it’s being played by a skeleton—almost like you can hear the bones. For some reason, I see this particular skeleton being a puppet on strings... animated still but a puppet. The chorus is him waltzing with the memory of the girl down the corridors of the house and in and out of rooms staring into each other’s eyes.
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