Johnny Kills Unveil New Single ‘Who’s Counting?’
Time for some groovy, guitar-heavy music! Brighton-based band Johnny Kills have just unveiled their brand new single Who's Counting? and it's quite the energetic cut.

If you're into New Wave, Garage/indie-pop then you're in for a treat. The song is packed with groovy guitars, killer percussion and wonky vocal hooks that will get stuck to your head. Stream it below!

Speaking about the song, vocalist and songwriter Tim Lloyd-Kinnings said,
It’s about meeting a great new person and ridiculously overthinking every aspect that this entails, internally focussing on this quasi-freak-out rather than enjoying and appreciating the new relationship for what it is. Thinking ‘oh bloody hell, what’s happening here? – this can’t be good’ rather than ‘oh, isn’t this great?’.
Johnny Kills is a trio made up of Tim, biological brother Lewis Lloyd-Kinnings and spiritual brother Cameron Gipp.