Holander Unveils New Single "Smoke"
Los Angeles-based electro-pop artist Holander has just unveiled her brand new single Smoke, a beautiful anthem about surrendering to love. When I first listened to this song I knew I was going to love it, especially with that nod to the 80's golden era of synthpop music.

On Smoke Holander showcases her incredible talents to deliver captivating music with dreamy baselines and iridescent soundscapes. I am absolutely in love with those soaring guitars, lush synths and how her smooth vocals give the song an ethereal/dream-like vibe to it. Stream this gem below!

Speaking about the song Holander says,
When you’re overtaken by someone, it's like smoke in your lungs. I believe when two people love each other, they start to tap in to the universal love— this love that is bigger, and connects us all.
Holander, born Carly Harpur Hollander, grew up in a house full of music. She initially recorded cover songs on piano and guitar but quickly fell in love with the more electronic side of pop music and set out on a solo project to create the type of music she wanted to hear in the world. This allows Holander to pair introspective lyrics with messages meant to directly inspire action, on top of synth hooks that draw the listener to the track and keep them present in the moment.