Gwilym Unveil New Single ‘Fyny Ac Yn Ôl’

Gwilym Unveil New Single ‘Fyny Ac Yn Ôl’
North Wales 4-piece band Gwilym have just unveiled their brand new single Fyny Ac Yn Ôl. If the title seems weird for you it's because it's in their national language, Welsh. These guys prove that you can love a song even without understanding a single word it's being sang (guess my Eurovision mania also makes me open to songs in different languages).

Gwilym deliver here an infectious piece of pop/rock music with groovy guitar riffs and percussion, oozing a summery vibe. I've got the melody stuck on my head and I'm loving it even though I have no idea what they are singing. Stream this groovy track below!

Fyny Ac Yn Ôl is their 4th single, and the final release before they unleash their debut album, Sugno Gola
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