Robert O’Connor
Irish singer/songwriter Robert O'Connor is back with his brand new single No Second Chances, set to arrive on August 17th! The song was produced by Stuart Gray with Steve Hogan at Jealoustown Studios in County Meath, Ireland.

This new single is quite different from his previous You Found Me and I am actually loving this Country song which has all it takes to become one of his classic, timeless singles. Stream it below!

No Second Chances was written four years ago after Robert had stepped away from the music industry, and Robert says it was the thought of it never being heard outside of his own head that motivated him to attempt a comeback. Speaking about it Robert said,
I thought, even if this is my last work, I have to get it out there – it drove me crazy for years. Uncertainty bubbles beneath the surface throughout the song, in the verses I’m saying I’m ready to walk out on a relationship, in the chorus I’m remembering that the other person said they never give second chances, and then by the mid 8 I’m asking them to change their mind, or is it them asking me? I think it’s about how sometimes it’s easier to not make a decision at all than make one you might regret – and I think we’ve all been guilty of that.
No Second Chances received its radio premiere on IMRO award-winning radio station LMFM last weekend, with full radio service following this week.