Devin Kennedy Unleashes New Single ‘Body’

Devin Kennedy Unleashes New Single ‘Body’
LA-based singer-songwriter Devin Kennedy has just unveiled his brand new single Body, an experimental track that showcases Devin’s dynamic range as an artist. This track has deep R&B and indie-pop roots and is tied together through his ability to tell a story through his sultry lyrics and smooth vocals. Really enjoying this song guys. It's very smooth, mellow and has an addictive groove to it. Check it out below!

Speaking about Body, Devin said,
‘BODY’ is about longing for a lost love, almost selfishly. It can be hard process loss in any capacity, and at times you can get caught up only thinking about yourself, and not about the other person. When you really need someone in your life and you can't have them, life is harder in general.
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