Canadian rockers cleopatrick have just unveiled their brand new single youth, a high-energy driving rock track with an introspective vibe. I'm loving those guitars and hard hitting drums and Luke's vocals are perfect for this genre, unleashing that anger!! I can relate with what Luke's singing! The song is incredibly catchy and it a big f*ck you to the perversion and disrespect they were "trapped" in high-school with. Stream this gem below!

Speaking about the song Luke said,
in the depths of my confusion, i would compare myself to the boys around me. was i really more noble? or was i just another lame kid wasting my youth, skipping parties to play guitar in my basement? it was a struggle between reserve or over-indulgence. “youth” illustrates this struggle using the symbol of a cigarette – the idea of indulgence, regardless of who it hurts or what it does.

by the time i was finishing high school, a profound anger was building deep inside of me. i couldn’t go to the parties because, when i did, i felt overwhelmed with anxiety from the mistreatment and predation that thrived in those environments. “youth” is me finally letting that anger out, and reaching my conclusion on how wrong it all is. “youth” is me confronting them for wasting so much time. “youth” is me standing up for the girls that have to put up with that bullshit. “youth” is a message to those guys – i haven’t forgotten the things the things you’ve done.
cleopatrick consists of lifetime best friends, frontman Luke Gruntz and drummer Ian Fraser, who have translated their connection into unified voice of anthemic rock.