Callum Pitt Unveils New Single ‘Away From The Rousing Parades’

Callum Pitt Unveils New Single ‘Away From The Rousing Parades’
Newcastle-based folk-pop artist Callum Pitt has just unveiled his brand new single Away From The Rousing Parades, an Americana-influenced indie/pop track. I am loving that folky fingerpicked guitar riff in the beginning, super smooth and inviting. Then the song builds up into a foot-stomping sing-along pop song.

Callum has delivered a song that's just right up my alley. I love these types of Folk/Americana music with beautiful guitar riffs and an infectious chorus that you cannot resist singing along to. Stream this gorgeous song below!

Speaking about the song Callum said,
'Away From the Rousing Parades' is my most energetic and passionate single so far, it considers my own mortality, and the process of working out what I value most in life. I've spent lots of time in the past comparing myself to others and this song talks about letting go of the need to feel validated by anyone other than close friends, family and yourself, taking ownership of your self-worth, and being at peace. This is by far our favourite to play live because we can really let loose and give out instruments a good bash, massively looking forward to doing this at my headline show at The Cluny on 13th July.
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