broox unveils new single "Real Love"

New York City-based singer-songwriter and producer broox has just unveiled her brand new single Real Love, a song about unrequited love and its impact on the person.

I really like this song guys. Impeccable synths, groovy guitar licks and her distinctive and emotional vocals just make the song stand out! There's somewhat of a hypnotic vibe of the song that just makes me want to play it over and over again. Have a listen to this gem below!

broox sure knows how to craft a stunning song with a touch of synth-wave, smooth rhythmic movements and R&B. Speaking about the song she said,
Real Love is more than just a song about unrequited love. It’s about coming out the other side stronger and more equipped in having the self-awareness and self-love one needs in order to accept the real love they do deserve: themselves.
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