Westrin & Mowry Unveil New Single "Time In Space"
Hi guys, I've got a massive treat for you Folk/singer-songwriter lovers. American folk rock duo Westring & Mowry have just unveiled their brand new single Time In Space and it is dreamy AF!
That dreamy and spacey intro with beautiful guitar riff just got me hooked on the song and then Brian's powerful and super emotional vocals just sealed the deal. The production of this song is excellent and gives the song somewhat of a cinematic vibe that just makes me want to listen to this song in absolute silence with no interruptions.
Then we have the addition of those melancholic piano keys and I just went to heaven! A chilled piece of Folk music with quite a punch to it. Beautiful production and vocals!! Stream this gem below!

Westrin & Mowry consists of singer-songwriter Brian Westrin and producer/instrumentalist Peter Mowry. They have already released 3 albums and this new song showcases their incredible talent to deliver high quality production and vocals!