Two People share captivating performance visuals for ‘I’m Tied, To You’
Melboure duo Two People, comprised of Phoebe Lou and Joseph Clough, have just unveiled a live performance of their beautiful single I’m Tied, To You. This hazed performance was filmed at their own personal studio space, 2P Studio and shows them facing each other through a thick sea of red fog. Watch it below!

The foreboding clip doubles down on I’m Tied, To You’s creeping intensity too, breathing life into the song’s yearning saxophone sounds, textured soundscapes and driving low end. Phoebe Lou’s vocal glides through the track’s newly reworked instrumental, mourning a relationship that she’s still living through and soulfully harmonizing over a newly structured extended, club-focused arrangement. 
The clip shows the pure musicianship of the group too; showcasing their ability to recreate and expand on the mesmerizing electronic pop of the original, re-purposing the track for the live stage into something more personal, visceral and intriguing than ever before.