The Tuesday Crew Unveil New Single "Summer Lovin’"

The Tuesday Crew Unveil New Single "Summer Lovin’"
Hey guys! I've got a groovy piece of music that will keep you even warmer this summer. The Tuesday Crew have just unveiled their debut single, Summer Lovin’, and it is a classic summer song, super smooth with a nostalgic vibe to it. Summer Lovin’ is perfect to listen during the summer but also during the winter to keep you warm. They crafted here a highly infectious track and I adore that groovy melody and smooth vocals. Check it out below!

The song's creation was not planned. On a Tuesday in May, Jordy Searcy & Stephen Day got together in Andy's basement and made this song for fun but soon realised the song was awesome so they decided to make a band name & music video and release Summer Lovin'!
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