Rees Finley Unveils New Single "Kill The Lizard"
LA-based Pop artist Rees Finley has just unveiled his brand new single Kill the Lizard. The song is super infectious and my favourite part is that earworm of a chorus (Really loving the way he delivers those lyrics).

On Kill the Lizard Rees plays all of the instruments and produced it as well, revealing his multi-talented skills to the world. The song is a mix of several genres from Electro to Funk, Power Pop to Synth Rock with crafy songwriting skills. It's definitely a song that sticks to your head, in a good way. Stream it below!

Speaking about the song Rees says,
Eclecticism is more than just an aesthetic to me. My desire to fuse seemingly incongruous thoughts and sounds is a direct result of my rampant curiosity and ADHD. When I first started writing the song I was thinking mainly about testosterone, and a specific episode of This American Life, which dissects how powerfully this chemical effects our view of the world around us. As I continued to add to the idea, I realized that the feeling of conflict between the conscious and unconscious is so much deeper than sex. Understanding the nuance of that divide really helps to illuminate why our society is set up the way it is.