Plàsi Unveils New Single ‘People’
Swedish songwriter, instrumentalist and producer Plàsi has just unveiled his brand new single People, the title track of his debut album, out now.

I am a sucker for acoustic-guitar driven melodies and this one is right up my alley. Those melancholic guitar chords and stripped back vibe, paired together with his smooth vocals are just heaven. I can't stop listening to this song. Stream it below!

People was recorded, produced and mixed by Plàsi himself which showcases his incredible talent to deliver awesome music! Speaking about his debut album he said,
I’m so happy to finally release the album, after a long and exciting process. I chose to release the way that I did, since I really felt like every single track on the album was equally important to me. They all have a story with a specific message. I created the songs on the go, and was constantly in the process of writing new material and producing the sounds that I recorded. It came out as a very personal record, and functions as a snapshot of my view of the world and of my life at this point in time. 
The album is about people, and portrays both aspects of personal relationships and broader societal topics. Stream the album below!