Hip-hop sensation Miranda Writes has just released her new, powerful single “Too Blessed”, a journey of her struggles striving to reach high when the world was dragging her down. She dives into the reality that many opportunists will underestimate you when you’re small, but feel entitled to your success as you grow. Miranda uses her literary talent and poetic mind to express the importance of your dreams, stating that you are “too blessed to be super stressed” about the disingenuous people who only want your success.

Miranda is a proud mix of African American, Polish and Portuguese heritage. This multi-cultural background inspires her to bring a myriad of influences to her sound by blending together various genes such as electronic dance music, early 2000s RnB, today’s electro-pop, and 90s rap.

Keep up with Miranda’s upcoming mixes through Instagram and Twitter and listen to “Too Blessed” below.