Michael Malarkey - Photo by Matt Davies
Hey guys! Actor turned singer-songwriter Michael Malarkey has just unveiled his new EP, Captain Solitaire, out now through Hudson Records.

This 3-track EP continues to showcase his incredible songwriting skills and rich, baritone vocals. This EP is an expressive show reel of tangled emotions and a reflection on the ambivalence of isolation in the modern world; building on the narrative of his debut album Mongrels and giving a nod at what’s to come. Stream this project below!

Now that you've listened to these 3 stunning songs I was lucky enough to ask Michael a few questions about the EP, how he juggles his acting and singing careers, and more. Check it out below!

As a fan of your debut album, Mongrels, I was very excited when I had the chance to hear your new music. Themes of loneliness and isolation are present in this EP. Can you tell us the inspiration behind it? 
Initially the plan was to release the 4 b-sides from the Mongrels sessions as the EP, but I ended up writing a lot of music after the tour that was moving in a different direction. Captain Solitaire was one of the songs I wrote when I was shooting The Oath down in Puerto Rico and when I came back to Atlanta to mix the EP we decided to lay it down and include it. I also recorded Bloody Nose that fall on a boat in London which we decided to include as well. In the end, the only song that I ended up including from the Mongrels sessions was Friends. The other ones sounded great, but felt like they weren’t representing the newer direction. I don’t like to talk too much about inspiration, but I consider Captain Solitaire to be a connective tissue piece between Mongrels and the next album.

Being a successful actor how do you balance your acting and music careers? 
I just take it by the day. There’s always going to be hurdles and conflicts that crop up along the way and you just deal with them when they happen. For instance, I had to cancel a few dates from the last tour to go film my latest project, a series called Project Blue Book. We rescheduled the dates for this current tour and I said to my team to just block off the time as I didn’t want to risk having to cancel any dates two times in a row. You just have to make those calls here and there, trust your gut, and stay calm under pressure.

My favourite song from this EP is Bloody Nose. The solemn piano keys and its melancholic vibe just gives me the chills. What were you experiencing at the time to create such a beautiful song? 
I normally don’t like to go into song meanings and all that. I like to leave it up the listener. Not everything is as on the nose as it may seem. I often imagine scenarios and write about them. I think the lyrics and music speaks for itself.

What are your musical inspirations and how do they influence the way you make your own music?
I’ve had so many bands and artists influence me over the years and it’s often difficult to pinpoint where your influences are coming from. I’m inspired a lot by artists that embrace the theatricality of music and have a good time sharing it, from Tom Waits to Grimes. I just write and I roll with whatever interests and excite me.

Who would be your dream collaboration?
The Bad Seeds!

You are going to be touring across Europe later this month. What is the place you are most excited to play at? Moreover, what can fans expect from your shows? 
All of them! This time around we are going to a lot of places I’ve never traveled to before, which is exciting to see what the response is. For instance, I’ve never been to Romania before and I’m looking forward to that.

Michael Malarkey - Photo by Matt Davies
Is this EP a nod to the narrative of an upcoming album? Can we expect a full-length LP anytime soon? 
I’ve written enough for the next record for sure. It’s just a question of when I have the time to get back into the studio.

What is your favourite song of 2018 so far? 
Listening In by Dr. Dog

What music are you currently listening to? 
I’ll give you five artists currently in rotation. Warhaus, Iceage, Culture Abuse, Tropical Fuck Storm, Ritual Howls

Regarding your acting career. Do you have more projects lined up apart the new series The Oath?
Just wrapped on Project Blue Book for History Channel. It’s a UFO-investigation drama starring myself and Aidan Gillan set in the 50’s about the real-life classified and then declassified project run by the air force. I play the Captain who’s running the project and Aidan plays the astrophysicist J. Alan Hynek. It’s fun and clever and in my opinion ticks all the boxes.

Do you have any TV series you like to watch and/or would like to be a part of?
Ironically, I don’t really watch TV.