KING Unveils Infectious New Single "Mango"
Danish artist KING has just unveiled her infectious new single Mango, a groovy piece of dancehall-inspired pop music.

I am in love with the tropical vibe of the melody and her super smooth vocals adds a sexy touch to the song. This Latin-influenced track references her Cuban roots and I really found cool that there's some spanish in the song. Stream it below!

Speaking about the single KING said,
In Cuba, a hot guy is often called a ‘mango’. I’ve been wanting to make a record that celebrates my Cuban heritage for a while now, so when I hooked up with one of my writers and he played me this melody, the line “tu eres mi mango” just came into my head and the song wrote itself from there. I had to fight hard to get this record made, and I can’t wait to share it with you.