Joakim Lundell Unveils New Single "Grow" Feat Tom Noah
Swedish multitalented, producer, artist and Youtuber Joakim Lundell has just unveiled his brand new single Grow, featuring Tom Noah. I am loving this song guys. It's a great piece of electronic music with smooth vocals, gorgeous piano keys and synth lines that give the song an anthemic vibe perfect for the summer. Behind this energetic dance production the song shares an empowering message for all those who struggle, saying that we all have the right to grow and be respected, regardless of our past. Stream it below!

Speaking about Grow Joakim said,
I wanted to surprise you today and release a song without telling you in advance. I keep this song very close to my heart, as it´s about growing and letting go. I let go of all the bad things in my past, and allowed myself to grow together with the love of my life. Thank you all for being here with me on our journey. love /J
A decade ago, Joakim Lundell was a homeless addict, with a enormous but undeveloped talent for music and film inside of him. He was given a chance to change, and he took it. Over the past years, he has become Swedens biggest influencer and music artist with hundreds of millions of views and streams and with 6 singles all reaching Top 5 on the charts since 2017.