Jacob and Fanny Unveil New Single "Miss You"
Los Angeles based Pop duo Jacob and Fanny have just unveiled their brand new single Miss You. I am loving the acoustic guitar chords, infectious melody and their vocals mesh perfectly together. It's an upbeat pop track with catchy handclaps and shimmering and soaring refrain.

Speaking about the song Jacob said,
Our relationship has never been a straight line. Early on we went through a rough patch and decided to take a break. I couldn’t endure it though. I was feeling sad and decided to go out to clear my head and ended up running into Fanny that night! We drew on that experience for the song. Being together can be challenging, but being apart is impossible. We got back together and haven’t looked back since.
The music video for this song was directed by Jillian Martin and the concept of the video came from the duo!

Speaking about the video they said,
We wanted to convey the emotion of the song, which is two people missing each other, but we didn’t want to keep cutting back and forth between us. So we decided to show us both going through our day at the same time, and showing how parallel our lives are even when we’re apart. We just ran around LA with our best friends, stealing shots super guerilla-style. It’s out of necessity, but it’s also so much fun and we love how raw and honest the footage feels.