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Simon XO
Hey guys! It's time for another short Q&A! 22-year-old singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Simon XO has just released his brand new single My Love and I was lucky enough to ask him some questions about this single, his musical inspirations, and more. This is a chance for us to get to know this talented  artist a bit more so let's dive right into the interview below.

First of all I’d like to say I am a huge fan of your previous single, “There’s A Way Out.” Can you tell us what are your musical inspirations and how do they influence the way you make your own music?
Thanks so much! My influences are a little scattered. I grew listening to Neil Young, Wilco, Radiohead, Elliott Smith, etc., but as I got older got into Kendrick Lamar, D’Angelo, Kanye, Jack Garratt, Chance the Rapper, etc. I try to take the songwriting from the first group and combining with the production from the second group in my music now.

Out of the songs you have written so far, which one is your favourite and why?
I think “How Do I Fight It” will always have a special place in my heart. I think it’s the best combination of what I just described.

Simon XO - My Love
You just released your new single, “My Love.” It sounds a bit political. Can you tell us the inspiration behind it?
Yes, it’s definitely political haha. Comedy (and a little bit of television) have taken up their artistic role in standing against what’s going on, but I’ve been a bit disappointed by the music industry’s response. So I figured why not start with me? A lot of my musical idols we’re at the front political lines so it’s always been in my bones, a big part of what makes music so meaningful to me.

Can we expect a full-length album any time soon?
Not at the moment. I have an EP coming out this year, but full length is probably a little further down the road.

Who would be your dream collaboration?
That’s a tough one… currently I’d say Jack Garratt or Jack Antonoff. Both of them are big inspirations.

If you were given the chance to pick one artist/band to tour with which one would it be and why?
Great question! I think Sufjan Stevens is one of the best performers I’ve ever seen, it’d be an honor to open and see him do his thing every night.

Any plans to hit the road this summer?
Not at the moment, though I’m looking to the fall for some touring opportunities!

What job do you think you would be doing now if you didn't have your music career?
I’ve always loved journalism, and I think if I wasn’t a musician I would have been a political journalist. It’s actually something I had considered pretty strongly when I first got to college.

What was the first album you ever bought?
Innervisions by Stevie Wonder. That album will always be my first love, haha.

What music are you currently listening to?
I’ve been on a nostalgia binge recently actually. Been listening to a lot of Radiohead and White Stripes. Though I’ve also been diving into Alex G and Phoebe Bridgers recently too and I’m loving it.

What is your favourite song of 2018 so far?
I really like that new James Blake song! And I’ve only heard a little of Leon Bridge’s new album but I’m excited to listen to the rest of it as well.

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