Florence + the Machine premiere ‘Big God’ video
Florence + the Machine have premiered a stunning video for their new single Big God, taken from the hugely-anticipated new album High As Hope, set to arrive on June 29th on Virgin EMI. The Big God video was choreographed by Akram Khan and Florence, and directed by Autumn De Wilde. Watch it below!

Beautiful video for an awesome song. Speaking about the inspiration behind Big God Florence said,
Big God was written about that feeling when someone has not replied to your text, the modern phenomenon of ‘ghosting’ which is one of my favourite words but not my favourite feeling. I was describing it to someone and they said to me ‘you need a big god’, as if the need in me were so cavernous it would take something enormous to fill it. Probably something bigger than a text message.

It’s always been a very physical song, I saw a dance piece in my head as I was writing it, so to co choreograph something with Akram Khan was a huge honour. Autumn de Wilde fully understood what I was trying to do. The power of the desire within the void. Left with yourself to rage and wonder. And really it is yourself you are raging against. Not the ghost.
Speaking about the video Akram Khan said,
for me, this encounter with Florence and her powerful song somehow navigated itself towards the element - water. But the direction of the dance also became a resistance to all things that wish to oppress, a sort of protest dance and yet a celebratory one towards a new found freedom.
Big God follows their previous singles Hunger and Sky Full Of Song.