EMM Unveils New Single "No Gods"
LA-based singer/songwriter and producer EMM has just unveiled her brand new single No Gods, an edgy cut of alt/electro-pop music written and produced by EMM, Taylor Wilzbach, and Zoe Fisher.

The song is nicely produced piece of dark electronic/pop music and has an addictive chorus. It shares a message of the division seen in the world, especially via social media where people hide behind a screen and just invest in increasing the division by attacking different points of view instead of seeing the similarities and trying to work towards a common goal. Stream it below!

Speaking about No Gods, EMM said,
My song, “No Gods” is a pop/electro-pop song about the current division we are seeing in America, especially VIA social media. It is inspired by No Doubt and has a simple chorus similar to Taylor Swift. To add a little edge, the dark verses are inspired by Kanye West “808’s and Heartbreak” to represent the darker nature of the divisive political conversations we see on social media.

The line "No conscience, no consequence" and the religious symbolism in the verses is referring how people choose to blame "God" or an outside source for our problems instead of taking responsibility to create change. The irony is that this ends up perpetuating the cycle of violence and evil, which in turn creates a culture where "God" (unity, peace, love) is nowhere to be found.
EMM comes from a background of all classical musicians, with her father being a professional opera singer, and her mother a professional harpist. She is a classically trained multi-instrumentalist. She is from a town of 14,000 in Michigan called Traverse City. She left home at 16 to pursue a career in pop music in New York City and has a remarkable story of overcoming obstacles to pursue her dream.