David Gillespie  - Heathen Revival
Australian-born, New York City-based singer/songwriter David Gillespie has just unveiled his brand new single Still Running. This is a cool piece of Folk-infused Indie/Pop music with catchy guitars and melodies. I really enjoy his vocals and the energy of this song and its positive message to keep on going, that there are better days ahead!

Still Running is taken from his brand new 5-track EP, Heathen Revival, which sits firmly within rock'n'roll; a sweaty mix of gospel, blues, soul and country. The result are 5 highly infectious tracks with beautiful songwriting. You can stream the EP below!

Speaking about Still Running David said,
I started it right after Trump got elected, and I think it was my way of trying to deal with the shock of such a terrible choice being made in my adopted home. I didn't understand it, but at the same time I was trying to find compassion for the people who were so lost and hurt that they thought this was the answer. It's ultimately a failure of a message breaking through, and I guess this is my small attempt to find some common ground, but also hope for those of us who are going to the marches and trying to stop what is happening.