Chelsea Collins Unveils New Single "None of Your Business"
19-year-old pop singer, songwriter, and record producer Chelsea Collins has just unveiled her brand new single None of Your Business, out now via BonFire Records. 

This is a smooth piece of R&B-infused pop music where her sweet vocals shine through the infectious beat. Chelsea has crafted a chilled out track, with a catchy hook and perfect for those long road trips or just the lazy weekends at home. Stream this cool song below!

Speaking about her work Chelsea said,
I really want to encourage young girls and women to start producing their own music. It really changed my life and the way I think about it. It opened me up to a new creative outlet and gave me the power to have full control over my sound. I think it’s easy to limit yourself and listen to all the boundaries people or society try and set for you, when in reality, you can do anything as long as you set your mind to it. I never thought I would be taking on all the roles that go into producing my own songs I write, but I’ve never put myself in a box, and it’s something that I’ve always lived by.