Cara Hammond Unveils New Single ‘How I Feel’
21-year-old artist from North Wales Cara Hammond has just unveiled her brand new single How I Feel, the first track to be taken from her upcoming EP, Nice Girl, set to arrive this Autumn. I was drawn to this song due to its nostalgic vibe with powerful vocals and quite honest lyrics. The song was co-written with Olle Markensten and Daniel Bech in Copenhagen and it's simply a stunning piece of pop music.

How I Feel is a break-up song and it's honest lyrics are taken from Cara's professional and personal experiences which makes the song sound even more powerful and very relatable. The chorus is highly infectious and I can't get enough of it. I'm a true sucker for such songs! Stream it below!

Speaking about the song Cara explains,
How I Feel is a very relatable song about love, loss and nostalgia. I think the track picks up on those little details and memories which are present in all types of relationships, making it a very powerful song.

I was so lucky to write this song with some amazing songwriters and producers at GL Music in Copenhagen, Denmark; a city that helped inspire the song. What I love about ‘How I Feel’ is its honest, conversational and heart felt lyrics, combined with modern production. I think it’s revitalised the classic break up song.