Beach of Diamonds Unveil New Single "Someone’s Gonna Let You Down"
Norwegian pop-rock duo Beach Of Diamonds have just unveiled their stunning new single Someone’s Gonna Let You Down, out now through MEOW! / Sailor Music. My first thoughts were that it's a perky pop/rock track reminiscent of acts such as The 1975, and I love The 1975 so we're on a good start.

I love that electric guitar riff, lush synth works, and their vocals harmonies are on point and make the song super addictive. Someone’s Gonna Let You Down has an upbeat, summer vibe even though the lyrics talk about being disappointed as we grow up. This one is perfect for the summer and I'm adding it to my Summer 2018 playlist on Spotify! Stream this gem below!

These guys sure know how to craft infectious pop-rock music with scandipop elements. Speaking about the song they said,
The track «Someone’s Gonna Let You Down» is a story of being disappointed as you grow up, because adult life is not at all as you had pictured it as a child. As a child you always have great plans for the future, but most people end up getting disappointed more than once during their life, either by friends, in releatinship, work or everyday life.