Alexander Wolfe releases new EP "Your Love Is A Wheel"
Singer-songwriter Alexander Wolfe has just released his brand new EP, Your Love Is A Wheel, out now through Dharma Records. If you're into alternative-indie/folk then you'll love this one.

The EP features the 3 previous singles ‘Breaking The Fall’, ‘Oslo’ and ‘I Can'’t Get To Sleep plus the new single and EP title track, the rousing ‘Your Love Is A Wheel’. His vocals are quite distinctive and the EP is a beautiful body of work that showcases his immense talent. Stream it below!

Speaking about the recording process, Wolfe explains,
“I recorded the EP at Dean St Studios in Soho. I produced it, played all the instruments myself, layering myself up like a less sexy prince. I wanted it to be really dense and sound really front footed and thick, there are mellotrons on there, lots of electric guitars, a few analogue synths, “some eastern stuff too, tablas, a tamboura, a sitar etc... Then my good friend and long time collaborator Steve Pilgrim came to the studio and replaced all my dreadful drums.”
Speaking about the title track Wolfe said,
“I wrote YLIAW as a stream of consciousness so I’m not exactly sure what it’s about. I usually write the words and the music at the same time but I had the instrumental knocking about for a couple of months, I wasn'’t sure if it was a song or not and then the words and melody came to me one night and I wrote it in a couple of minutes. I think it’s about the cycle of love and and the way we follow it blindly without really knowing where we’re going. And then repeat and repeat. How, if you’re not careful, the promise of new Love will crush everything that went before it. And how it can go cold on you with no warning, lead you down paths, and every time brings you back to the beginning as if whatever went before never happened... basically it’s another chirpy little radio song’.