Aeroplane Unveils New Single "Body" ft. Yves Paquet
Time to dance! Italian-Belgian producer Vito de Luca, aka Aeroplane, has unveiled his brand new single Body, featuring the smooth vocals of Brazilian/Belgian singer Yves Paquet Vito. This release marks the return of Aeroplane to his very first label, Eskimo Recordings.

What drew me to the song was its summery vibe, a direct result of fusing Italo and Balearic disco with early House with pop sensibilities. The song is highly infectious, it makes me want to sing along and it's just perfect for the summer. Stream it below!

Speaking about the song Aeroplane said,
Body started when Yves got in touch with me, wondering if we could work together. He had sent me a few bits to showcase his voice and songwriting ability, one of them was Body. The vocal has a classic quality to it that got stuck in my head instantly. Within a few days, with some little tweaks, we had a song!