Aaron Taos Unveils New Single ‘Voodoo’
Morning everybody. I've got a treat for you. US artist Aaron Taos has just unveiled his brand new single Voodoo and this is an awesome piece of electro-pop music about the power a new lover has over you. I am in love with that guitar riff, it instantly gives an addictive vibe to this highly infectious track. I love the variations in vocals that he does!! This is a masterpiece of the best use of electronic elements with powerful Pop hooks. I can't stop singing along to this song. It's super cool and you can stream it below!

Speaking about the song Aaron said,
"Voodoo” is about the supernatural power a new lover has over you. I originally produced the instrumentation of "Voodoo" almost two years ago. I knew I had something special with the guitar loop, but just couldn't find the right inspiration for vocal melodies/lyrics over it. I would keep coming back to the session every couple months to give it another shot, but just couldn't nail the song... it was really frustrating actually cuz I loved the beat so much.

Earlier this year I was introduced to a very talented NYC writer named Larzz Principato who co-wrote Halsey's "New Americana" and Dua Lipa's "IDGAF" among other tracks I dig. I knew if anybody could unlock this song he could. During our first session together I showed him this instrumental and immediately we clicked on it. After a couple of hours we finished the concept/vocal tracking and then I sent to my mixers TON who added additional production and got it sounding great.