The AVERAGE JoeL Unveils Debut Single "PLEASE"
It's the weekend and it's time for some cheese. US rapper The AVERAGE JoeL has just unveiled his independent debut single PLEASE. Well, this is definitely a song guys should listen while hanging out with their girlfriends because it my generate some drama.

The AVERAGE JoeL's type of rap is similar to comedy acts such as The Lonely Island and Lil Dicky and for a debut single he did pretty well. Lyrically it's not a song that one should take seriously, it's just for pure fun. He's not being douchy, he is portraying douchy guys that can't keep their eyes off of girls butts. Another thing I found impressive here is that he basically did everything from writing, directing, editing, producing, doing the visuals effects of the video, etc. This shows a lot of work and talent.

Overall PLEASE is one of those songs that fans of Lil Dicky, The Lonely Island, Asher Roth can enjoy. Check out the visuals below!