Nir Yaniv Releases "The Voice Remains" Music Video

Nir Yaniv
LA-based multifaceted artist, Nir Yaniv, has released his new sci-fi animated video The Voice Remains, the title track of his debut EP The Voice Remains. The video is the second of a series of six videos to be released by Yaniv, one for each of the six tracks on his EP, The Voice Remains, which comes out on June 15th. 

The Voice Remains follows Memories Of A Third Planet as the second installment of the series, continuing to follow the adventures of a small plant-child, born on a strange planet which may or may not be a far future version of earth. The story evolves to that of rebellion in an overly obedient world, leading to the plant-child fighting to escape. Watch it below!

A multidisciplinary artist, Nir Yaniv created both music and animation for the video. The animation is a combination of hand-drawn images and digitally-processed backgrounds. The latter were created by shooting everyday materials such as cardboard, flowers and stones, and converting them to weird alien places by means of a special FX software.
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