Little Sain✚ Drops New Single ‘Remedy’ ft. Marger

Little Sain✚ Drops New Single ‘Remedy’ ft. Marger
Afternoon everybody. Time for some punchy music. Artist Little Sain✚ has just unveiled his brand new single Remedy, featuring Grime artist Marger. The song, produced by Sibling, has a bold, dark and gritty vibe to it, with a punchy beat that just got me hooked after the first listen. Awesome production here and infectious melodies and I love the addition of Marger who gives the song that urban flare to it. Stream Remedy below!

I'm loving the somewhat ominous/dark vibe of the song, perfect for those dramatic scenes of TV shows such as Empire. Loving the way they fused Grime and Orchestral elements with Dubstep, Hip-Hop and Pop, making the song very unique.
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