ISRAEL WINS Eurovision Song Contest 2018

Eurivision 2018
Wow guys! Congratulations to ISRAEL for winning this year's Eurovision Song Contest, held in my beautiful capital Lisbon. Netta wins the 63rd Eurovision Song Contest with Toy and she deserves it!

This was an amazing show and I am so proud that Portugal showed that we can host a great Eurovision show. Loved the opening and interval acts, and of course Salvador with Caetano Veloso!

I hope Suri is ok after that stage invasion. They were offered the chance to perform again but they didn't feel like they should perfom again.

Now... the voting.. Honestly this blew my mind, especially the Jury votes! I guess the Juries were smoking something because they awarded top points to Austria and Sweden, which weren't that great to be honest.

Portugal stayed in the very end of the list with mere 39 points, but guess the prize was hosting this year. But last place? Really? That hurts!

Unlike last yeat the voting was right till the very end. It wasn't very clear who would win and I was getting a bit disappointed with Jury votes. Thankfully the public vote changed everything and the big winner was Israel.

Israel won the public vote and scored a total of 529 points!! Following Israel was my favourite Cyprus, that got the 2nd place, its highest position ever, with 436 points. Closing the top 3 is the Jury winner, Austria, sitting at #2 with 342 points.

Are you happy with this year's winner? Let me know in the comments below!

Israel 2019 here we come!! 

Televoting results sequence of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest

Eurovision 2018 Top 10:

  1. Israel - 529 points
  2. Cyprus - 436 points
  3. Austria - 342 points
  4. Germany - 340 points
  5. Italy - 308 points
  6. Czech Republic - 281 points
  7. Sweden - 274 points
  8. Estonia - 245 points
  9. Denmark - 226 points
  10. Moldova - 209 points
One of the biggest discrepancies of the voting tonight was with Sweden. The Jury gave this OK song a massive 253 points, giving it the 2nd place for Jury votes. But the public, like me, didn't think this song was worthy of a top 10 result and gave it 21 points. A huge gap which makes me wonder that something strange was going on with the Jury because everybody saw that the song lacked any power to be a big winner.

The Marcel Bezençon awards of 2018!

  • Bulgaria won the Composer Award
  • France won the Press Award
  • Cyprus won the Artistic Award
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