HYPERCLAP Release Debut Track ‘Clouds’

HYPERCLAP Release Debut Track ‘Clouds’
Hey guys! It's Saturday night so it's time to get the party started. I've got a treat from you from mysterious Berlin-based DJ/Producer act HYPERCLAP. They have just released their debut single Clouds, out on NAPA Songs.

Though who is behind HYPERCLAP remains a mystery I can say that they have certainly hit the mark with a debut. Clouds is an infectious Future Bass/House track, nicely produced, with catchy melodies and with beautiful soundscapes. The vocals provide the track a soulful vibe that makes me love the song even more. It just makes me feel on cloud 9, pun intended! Stream this tune below!

HYPERCLAP may be a mysterious act for now but they have been building an audience with their bootleg remixes and now with Clouds we get to see them develop their own signature sound. Stay tune for more HYPERCLAP music!
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