Celia Inside Unveils New Single "Push Me" ft. ayelookitsBRADY

Celia Inside Unveils New Single "Push Me" ft. ayelookitsBRADY
Let's carry on with some more great music! New York City-based artist Celia Inside has just unveiled her brand new single Push Me, featuring Hip-Hop artist ayelookitsBRADY. I'm a sucker for smooth, sensual cuts and this one is packed with it. Celia's sultry vocals combine perfectly with ayelookitsBRADY's rhymes! The production, courtesy of Dougy, is super infectious, modern and groovy. Stream this gem below!

I really like this melodic piece of R&B and Hip-Hop music. Lyrically the song reveals Celia's songwriting skills which perfecly give the song an emotional vibe. "Imma Be Alright" is stuck to my head and ayelookitsBRADY's rhymes are awesome!
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