Business Gang Drops New Music Video Banger - Oops, I did it Again

Business Gang has come out with summer banger “Ooops, I did It Again”. This trap-infused hip-hop track is stylistically different than Britney’s track by the same name in every way. Where you can find similarity is in the music video they released, quickly gaining traction as one of the most charismatic Duo in 2018. The members of Business Gang Sevigney Avila and Andrew Chandler, better known by their stage names Petro Sonny and OSO Da Man are up for their goal to reach their maximum potential nodding legendary pop icon Britney Spears with their new track “Oops, I Did it Again” .

Although judging from the title may lead you astray, it is something you might think you know, trust us, the tune is a completely new vibe with an infectious beat and catchy melodies. The band is creating buzz around them and promise to further bless us with their creativity.