Andrew James & The Steady Tiger
Morning everybody! I've got a beautiful song to share with you guys today! I came across with South Africa's Folk-duo, Andrew James & The Steady Tiger and I had to share their gorgeous single, Under The Umbrella, with you guys. It is taken from their album Red in Tooth and Claw, out now.

As a portuguese guy I am very used to listening to guitar and Andrew is impeccable at it. I could listen to him playing the guitar for hours! And then his vocals! Wow! He has such a captivating voice, conveying the emotion and nostalgia of this beautiful piece of Folk music. If you're a regular visitor of the blog you know that I am a sucker for this type of music! Stream it below!

Under The Umbrella is the perfect mix of great guitar playing, beautiful harmonies, subtle percussion and great storytelling. Andrew James & The Steady Tiger give me vibes of acts such as Ryan Adams, John Butler, Ry Cooder, etc.

This is the standout track of their album, Red in Tooth and Claw, which have others gems I love such as Rushing and Port Grosvnenor. Stream it below!

Andrew James & The Steady Tiger is a collaboration between Andrew James (guitar & vocals)and James Van Minnen "The Steady Tiger ” (drums & percussion).