Memtrix Unveils New Single "Blind In Light"
London-based producer/musician Memtrix brings the energy level up with his brand new single Blind In Light, out now on Monstercat. The drum and bass song has a feel good beat that carries throughout the track, creating an uplifting vibe that will have you singing along. Stream it below.

Speaking about the song he said,
I've wanted to release this track for quite some time now. When writing, I remember visioning it to be quite an adventurous tune within it's sound palette, but still having a fairly minimalistic approach in its core and within the general arrangement. Vocally it's quite different to anything I've done with the Memtrix stuff too, I remember questioning those quite a bit, but I'm happy with how it all turned out in the end. I want to thank Monstercat for being in to the track and for putting it out, I'm pleased it's finally seeing the light of day.