Fyfe shares collaborative EP with Iskra Strings

Fyfe shares collaborative EP with Iskra Strings
Fyfe and Iskra Strings have teamed up together to launch their brand new collaborative EP: Fyfe & Iskra Strings EP1, out now! The EP features the new track Peaks which was recently selected to soundtrack the new Cartier campaign, with a short film (starring Jake Gyllenhaal) premiering last week.

Speaking about the collaboration Iskra Strings' James Underwood said,
Over the summer of 2017 I made a weekly trip to Fyfe’s studio to drink coffee, enjoy friendship and fire off as many musical ideas as time would allow. 
Fyfe added,
The whole project was recorded in one space - my production room - which adds an element of sonic and emotional consistency that I really enjoy hearing in records. It’s one of the most enjoyable projects I’ve worked on to date.
This intimacy and playfulness are evident on the first track from the EP, Hold Us Down: one the most exuberant and immediate songs Fyfe has ever lent his voice to. Right acros